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Lion scrollbars should display on touch

As soon as you place 2 fingers on the trackpad on OSX Lion, the scrollbars should appear showing the current scroll position and relative view size.  Currently, you have to actually start scrolling the document before they appear.


Better window management in Mission Control

The new Mission Control view of your workspaces is nice in many ways.  However, it could use some improvements.  For example, 'zooming' (via 2 finger slide up) on a set of windows for an app do not zoom in quite enough.  They should expand to fill the screen just as app exposé used to do.

Furthermore, you should be able to close windows while in Mission Control by hitting the option key to reveal the round close boxes like those seen in the Dashboard space.


The mouse cursor needs inertia

The mouse pointer on OSX needs to have inertia so that flicking the trackpad will cause the mouse cursor to roll across your screen.  This is especially useful if you have multiple screens.  If you instead keep your finger on the trackpad then the cursor does not freewheel at all.  This would fit in nicely with the scroll free-wheeling that has already been implemented with the trackpad.


Spotlight should search Time Machine backups

The standard file system search on OSX should be extended to allow the searching of Time Machine backups.  This would allow you to search for text in emails or files that have subsequently been removed.  This type of search could be selected by adding an additional search domain button to the existing list that appears next to the label 'Search:' {"This Mac", "Documents", <current dir>, "Backups"}.  The programming implementation of this features should be trivial due to the nature in which Time Machine stores its backups.

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