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iOS app icons are inconsistent

The Weather and Clock app icons should reflect current conditions just as the Calendar app's icon does.  This would not take a lot of CPU and battery to accomplish.  Also, the dynamic updating of an icon should be made available to all apps similar to badges and notifications.  It could be managed as another notification type.

Next, the desktop launcher should allow these icons to be arbitrary sizes.  This would facilitate the nice widgets functionality seen in android.


OSX App Exposé enhancement

The recent docs list that appears at the bottom of the screen when in App Exposé mode should allow you to trigger a QuickLook examination of each of those recent docs by moving your mouse over the doc and pressing the spacebar.  This is consistent with Mission Control behavior and would be a really useful feature enhancement.


OSX needs a grep filter

It  would be very useful if the OSX was able to filter the lines of output in the buffer.  This would work much like the filter field in  However, since no longer has a toolbar, I'm not sure where to put this grep filter field.

Additionally, could benefit from a more advanced search feature which either showed multiple matches like Safari, or showed a summary of the matches like the old Textmate editor.  

Perhaps both features could be implemented via a slide-down bar similar to the Safari find-in-content search field.


Git: Branch visualization on command-line

Many people use git exclusively through the command line. However, this means that most people keep their branch structure in their heads. This doesn't need to be the case! Git actually comes with great branch visualization on the command line in addition to the awkward gitk gui client. In this post, I'll walk you through a few simple steps that will allow you to visualize your branches by creating a few quick command aliases within your ~/gitconfig file.

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iOS textfield should support swipe gestures

Textfields in iOS apps are often too short to display all of their contents.  Currently, you have to tap-hold to bring up the magnifying glass and then drag to the edge to get the textfield's contents to auto scroll.  Wouldn't it be great if you could simply swipe left-right on textfields instead?  I don't see how this would conflict with swipe gestures on the containing page.  As long as the swipe is over the textfield, this would be a great and simply extension to standard textfield interaction at the OS level.

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