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Continental Divide

After a long day of travel, we still decided to make a quick detour to a site near the airport that Mrs. Tracy had discovered during her research and marked as being a nice optional stop on our way to the hostel in town.

The location was a touristy sort of location named "Bridge Between Continents".  It was supposed to be a quick stop where we'd have the kids get out for about 10 minutes, look around, and get back on the road.  But, as it turned out this site was fantastic and grabbed the kids' interest right away.  We ended up spending about an hour and a half there.  The boys tore off and started climbing and exploring this amazing geological feature.  

The site is basically a canyon where the earth has collapsed into the divide between two continental plates as they shift next to each other.  There is amazing rock structure which seem to defy gravity.  Other stones appear to be picked from a thousand years of volcanic pumice blowing across them in the wind.

This site was truly a gem and we all really appreciate the efforts of Mrs Tracy in finding it.




Last Minute Travel Issues Leaving Tampa

Scout Troop 422 arrived at the airport in plenty of time to make our flight.  Upon checking in, we were informed that our flight from Tampa to JFK was delayed.  It would not be arriving in JFK until after our connecting flight had aready left for Iceland.

Through the efforts of Joe Garrison and Todd Miller, and the heroic work of the super nice lady at the check-in counter, we were able to reschedule the whole troop onto flight DL1654 leaving at 5:24p.  

Our connection will be flight DL446 from JFK to KEF.  This will give us about a 50 minute layover.  However, the weather in New York is causing a lot of flights to be shuffled.  So, we may yet face additional challenges.



How to Show Mongo Queries in IRB or Rails Console Output

By default, your active record and mongo queries do not appear in the output of your commands in rails console. Assuming that you are using the mongoid gem, logging your queries to the console output is easy. This is how it's done...

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How to expand a VirtualBox VM's drive size

Don't try googling for how to expand your VirtualBox VM's drive image size. It will lead you to lots of out-dated, difficult instructions. Since VirtualBox 4.x, a new utility was added that really short-cuts the process of resizing drive images.

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'Scratch' plugin for RubyMine

RubyMine is truly great for working on coding projects. However, new users soon discover that it lacks the ability to just open up new files to try something out real quick. Sure, you can create a new file easy enough. But, you have to name it and find a location within your project directory structure to save it before you can actually do some coding. Then after you're done trying that something out, you have to remember to go back and delete that file back out of your project. This is the common editor use case that the 'Scratch' plugin solves.

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