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þórufoss Falls

þórufoss Falls was recommended to us by Jacob (the man who runs the camp). He said that it is a local treasure that none of the tours really know about.b. He said that they filmed scenes for Game of Thrones at these falls. This sounded great to us, so we put it on the schedule for the next day.

Jacob's verbal instructions lead us to a general area. He said that if we drive down this road then we will see the falls and know when to turn in. Unfortunately, we drove way down that road and saw nothing. We though perhaps we had poor instructions or that we were on the wrong road.

On the way back, we decided to stop and see if this little 5 car lot along the side of the road was a trail head or something that might lead back to the falls. Little parking lots like this are pretty common. There are endless vistas and sites that people like to stop their cars and take pictures of. So, we figured that this was another one of those - although much smaller.

When we got there a few of us walked out down this path that sortof just disappeared. We kept going until suddenly off to the right hidden from the road was this amazing waterfall. Everyone ran over and took a look. But, the driving wind and misty rain drove almost everyone back into the cars - ready to head back.

Somebody spotted a small foot trail down on the flood plane below. Dan figured that it was accessible from a little ravine. He managed to make his way down to the path and then followed it. It turned out that the path lead all the way to the foot of the falls! He ran back and gathered the whole gang to go back down and check them out.

Down on the flood plane, we were protected from most of the rain and wind. It was much, much nicer down there. Everyone had a lot of fun. You could actually touch the edge of the falls. Chris washed his hair in it.


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