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The Old Seaport

After getting back from whale watching, we spent a few hours exploring the area around the old seaport in Reykjavík⁩.  It is a charming area filled with little shops, outdoor cafes, public artwork, and interesting people.

We saw a number of murals that covered an entire exterior wall of a building.  There were also public sculptures every few blocks.  The Icelandic people definitely have a distinct flavor to their art.  In addition to the public art, there were a number small galleries and museums.

This little boutic district was definitely the place where most of the guys found all their gifts to bring home to their families.

We had enough time between the whale watching and the puffin adventure to walk around and get a good feel for the town.  After returning from the puffin boat, we met at Restaurant Reykjavík⁩ for dinner.  The restaurant served a smorgasborg of local foods.  The boys got to try octopus, minke whale, and a number of local dishes which I couldn't begin to pronounce.  

After dinner, we made our way over to the Church of Hallgrimur.  It is a Lutheran (Church of Iceland) parish.  This church is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Iceland.


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